Welcome to TSBK07!

This is the home page of TSBK07 Computer Graphics, a computer graphics course focused on real-time animations, parallel programming using graphics shaders, visualization and games.

The course starts from the basics, the mathematical foundations, and covers a wide diversity of topics, including vitals like shader programming, light and shading, texturing and visible surface detection, but also covers deeper topics like large world management, collision detection, fractals and ray-tracing.

We use modern OpenGL with GLSL in all laborations.

The course follows this model:

1) Lectures. Relatively passive learning, introducing theory and practice.

2) Laborations. Get active, learn how to do it yourself.

3) Project. Get creative! Make a project defined by yourself in communication with the course leader, go deeper into the topics that interest you the most.

The course book is primarily sold by Bokakademin, but the number available there is limited. It can also be ordered from Amazon but that takes time. You are welcome to follow the course with the electronic version only but the book is cheap so you don’t have to choose that for economic reasons.

Latest news:

2021-08-24: The retake is graded and reported.

2021-06-21: All finished projects should now be in LADOK, as well as completed course. However, I see some students who I believe have finished and are not in the completed list. This could due to lack of course registration, or that LADOK decided to drop you for whatever reason, and, of course, I can have made a mistake. If your results did not show up as they should, I will be happy to check and try again.

2021-06-19: The exam results are now in LADOK. However, the projects are not reported (due to focus on the exam) so that will come next. These are basically already examined during your presentations so it will be fairly quick. Then all who passed (which is a considerable number) get the full course! BTW, your graded exams are available for download, see the exam page. PS: A glitch in the data made login not work for a while, should work now.

2021-06-18: The exam is graded, and for better or worse, the pass rate is very high. Maybe the exam was too easy, or maybe you have been good at learning… or maybe a little of both? In any case, I stand by my grades even if they get higher than usual, not least after adding the bonus points, which I will do.

2021-06-04: The exam is now finished! I hope it went smooth. I have answered all questions I got during the exam.

2021-06-04: The exam has been uploaded!

2021-06-01: Information about the exam will come tomorrow!

2021-04-23: Dates for proeject presentations are up!

2021-03-10: New version of LittleOBJLoader here!

2021-02-26: Updated the project page with clarifications and removal of some outdated information.

2021-02-19: New version of “common”, with some Windows fixes and a correction in Little OBJ Loader.2021-02-16: Some lecture PDFs were accidentally from another course. This is now corrected.

2021-01-22: According to my tests, ThinLinc now supports OpenGL, so we can run the lab on it. It is also possible to ssh from there into the lab computers for better performance. This seems a bit confused but as long as we can run the lab, I am happy.

2021-01-12: Welcome to TSBK07 Computer Graphics for 2021! This will be a very special round for the course, not only because it is in distance mode, but also since we have (today!) got permission to allow a few MT (media technology) students to attend the course, in order to be well prepared for TSBK03 in the autumn. This is an experiment that we will evaluate thoroughly. I hope this will work well and give you an improved course path.

Important: The Zoom link has been mailed out to the course list. If this didn’t reach you, let me know!

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